Humitech, Humidity and Bacteria Control Systems Keep food fresher for longer!

Company Information

HUMITECH specialises in highly effective NATURAL humidity control products for use in refrigerated environments and cold storage areas.

We utilise a unique and proprietary mix of natural minerals, known collectively as "Sorbite", which have amazing absorption properties. Sorbite is the key component within our unique Refrigeration Filters ... ... a naturally efficient refrigeration filtration system.

HUMITECH's Refrigeration Filters are GUARANTEED to enhance and improve the quality, taste, appearance, and shelf life of all types of fresh goods, while enhancing chiller hygiene and chiller equipment operating performance. We provide a highly effective humidity, ethylene, and bacteria control system for refrigerated environments used within the food service and cold storage industries to ensure quality, taste, and freshness of product to the end consumer.

HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters and related products are supplied and distributed throughout New Zealand via HUMITECH's exclusive nationwide Franchise network.

The Humitech Guarantee

Keep your FOOD FRESH at HOME -
FoodSoFreshTM keeps your food naturally fresher for longer by absorbing moisture, odours and bacteria in your fridge!

Providing you and your customers with better, fresher products
... ... reducing your costs - increasing your profits