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Refrigeration is the transfer of heat from WARM to COLD. The faster we can transfer the heat to achieve optimal refrigerated conditions and the longer we can maintain them at optimal levels, the better the quality of products, effecting the reduction of product trim and weight-loss.

"It is critical to the quality of meat to hold it consistently at the right temperature throughout all stages - from processing to preparation for cooking - this is known as "the cold chain". Fluctuating temperatures are harmful to meat quality; shelf life reduces by 10% for each one degree rise in temperature above -1...C." (Meat and Wool NZ)

HUMITECH filters directly benefit Butchers by:

  • Increases the shelf life of meat, poulty, and seafood products, sealing in their natural juices and maintaining better quality, weight and visual appearance.
  • Significantly reducing meat shrinkage/weight loss on average by 60% (refer Case Study 1 below).
  • Meats retain "bloom" better, discolouration is significantly reduced
  • Eliminates meat sweating, drying and cracking.
  • Substantially reducing odours, moisture, bacteria, and mould build up. Excess moisture is all but eliminated from chiller surfaces, significantly reducing mould and bacteria growth
  • Improving temperature management by lowering temperatures and reducing temperature fluctuations.
  • Improving energy efficiency, reducing chiller run times by up to 16 hours per week, reducing power consumption by up to 20%, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing equipment life span
  • Reduces compressor re-cycle rates by up to 50%
  • Reduces icing on compressor coils and enables defrost cycles to be reduced by up to 50%.
  • Reducing wasted/lost labour time. The natural juices are sealed in meat providing significant labour savings:
  • reduces repackaging required in display cabinets, and
  • blood drip-loss in walk-in chillers
  • Improving the workplace by providing a safer, drier, and cleaner chiller environment.

Fresh food in Butcheries

in the Mineral!

The Humitech Guarantee

Case Study One - Butchery Store

During 2007, trials have been conducted in three sites of a National Butchery Chain. The trials conducted involved assessing SOLELY meat weight loss as a result of chiller conditions over a period of time prior to the installation of HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters. The HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters were then installed with a series of further tests performed over the presiding six weeks.

The trials have shown conclusively that by improving chiller conditions, HUMITECH enables significant savings in unnecessary meat loss wastage, meaning more $$$'s in your pocket ... not to mention the savings from reduced power consumption and maintenance expenses! Results from the three trials are detailed below.

Average Weight LossWeight Loss Wastage**
Without HUMITECH 3.31% $331 per week
With HUMITECH 1.32% $132 per week
Reduction in Weight Loss 60.12% $199 per week
Cost of HUMITECH Filters* - $60 per week
* The cost of HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters is dependent on chiller size and existing chiller conditions within the chiller. The cost shown above is based on the average size of the subject trial chillers (approx 4m wide x 6m long x 2.4m high).
** Weight loss wastage has been calculated based on a weekly turnover of $10,000.

Case Study Two - Meat Processor

Newland Food Company, Australia

Newland Food Company, Australia - Manufacturers of Small Goods (ham, bacon and other products).


  • Decrease chill-time of cooked products to increase production
  • Eliminate free moisture build-up
  • Provide optimal storage conditions for meat

HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters were installed in the post-cook chiller, where products are placed at over 40...C to chill to 2...C and in the post-production chiller, where products are stored before processing and packing.

Newland Results

Doubled production output for cooked hams and reduced chill-time for bacon by 70%, reducing weight-loss, maintaining top quality of produce.

Before HUMITECH, Hams were being chilled up to 48h to bring their core temperature down to below 5...C, HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters reduced the chill-time to less than 24h.

Newland Executives comment on HUMITECH

"Odours and bacteria have been substantially reduced. Free moisture does not form on the chiller's ceiling, eliminating mould and bacterial growth risks."
QA Manager

"We have been able to increase our production output and have minimized product weight-loss -and we are saving 20% of our refrigeration's energy consumption. The equipment functions better, with less stress and tests have shown that we are now maintaining optimal meat storage conditions."
Production Manger

"We have invested in HUMITECH to ensure that we always provide our customers with the highest quality products. Our entire team is impressed with the results so much, that we have included the filters in to the design of our new post-cook chiller. The benefits of HUMITECH by far supersede the monthly service costs, which are less than 1 cent per kilogram of goods produced. HUMITECH have proven that their refrigeration expertise and filters can reduce costs and increase profits."
General Manager

What our customers are saying!

For the last year we have had the HUMITECH system installed in our walk in cooler and chiller. Upon having the system installed I conducted several experiments in regard to meat cuts and manufactured product and how well they maintained colour and quality. This involved producing items such as mince, sausages and steaks and leaving them either wrapped or unwrapped for a length of time in the cooler. I must say I was very impressed with the results and found keeping times were way beyond what I would normally have expected.

For some time now our cooler has had a problem with ice build up in places on the ceiling and also occasionally on the floor. This has been an ongoing problem which has been difficult to rectify. Since the Humitech system has been installed we have noted a dramatic reduction in icing. With regular changing of the pads, the problem has been virtually eliminated.

I am very happy with the product and believe it meets all of the claims made regarding its performance.

CPIT-Meat Industry Training Centre

Excess condensation has all but disappeared, meaning all chiller surfaces (floors, water, shelves, ceiling) are drier and fresher. Recorded temperatures are colder, improving the quality, freshness and appearance of perishables. The colder temperatures have helped to seal the meat juices and reduce shrinkage, meaning not only a better quality of product to our customer, but also significantly reduced re-packaging of pre-packed meats. Meat discolours at a hugely slower rate, we estimate a reduction of about 80%. Greatly reduced odours in all areas, showing that airbourne bacteria have been largely reduced. Chiller equipment is obviously running more efficiently as we don't have to contact our chiller technician as much. Operation cycles and chiller maintenance expenses have reduced.

We feel that the system has been a great initiative in maintaining freshness and quality, temperature of products, energy savings and preventative maintenance savings. We have no hesitation in recommending the Humitech system to others, we are very pleased with the results that we have experienced.

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