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Floral Industry

The truth is flowers last twice as long in the chillers with HUMITECH!

The most dramatic results of our filters can be seen in the large florist wholesalers and the florist shops that buy in bulk and store their flowers in cold storage. Freshly cut flowers have a very short life span and are a huge worry to try to keep fresh until they are sold. Every florist will make more money if they have fresh flowers lasting longer giving them more time to sell them.

Every florist can expect to enhance their reputation for selling only the freshest of flowers, especially when the customer finds to their delight that the flowers are fresher for longer on their dining room table.

The reason flowers die quickly can be attributed to a ripening agent called "Ethylene Gas" produced by all plant tissue. After harvesting flowers and fresh fruit, "Ethylene Gas" can be their worst nightmare. As little as one part per million in the atmosphere can speed up ripening and aging. Confined storage areas such as chillers are full of "Eythlene Gas" and the HUMITECH filters will extract it from the chiller giving greatly extended life to all the flowers stored.

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Florists keep flowers fresher for longer!

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