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Saving you Big Money on the food stored in your Fridge!
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  • Lowers the temperature of your fridge, saving up to 20% on energy
  • Extends the life of all perishables in the fridge by up to 50%-100%
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial cross-contamination
  • Reduces foul odours in your fridge

Save up to $500 per year on your grocery bill with FoodSoFresh!

Are you fed up throwing out food that has gone off before you get the chance to eat it? Do you know that the average family throws out up to $5OO worth of food every year? Would you like your fridge to stay odour free, colder, cleaner, fresher, and keep your food fresh for up to twice as long?

Introducing the best cost saving device in your kitchen today!

Simply slip the FoodSoFreshTM filter in your fridge and enjoy the same cost savings as the professional chefs do in top hotels and restaurants around the world. Keep your food fresher longer thanks to the FoodSoFreshTM filter.
Just look at what the professionals are saying.

Now you can keep your vegetables the way they should be, crisp and fresh, retaining all the natural goodness up to twice as long for your family. The first thing you will notice when you place the FoodSoFreshTM in your fridge is how cold and fresh your fridge has become. You will notice how those smells have disappeared and how much cleaner your fridge looks.

You will find the milk in your fridge staying fresh up to 4/5 days longer - 100% naturally. Your strawberries and other berries will seem indestructible! Keep all forms of lettuce and salads fresh and crisp for up to twice as long as you normally would. Watch how long your mushrooms and cold meats last. Even more amazing, should you experience a power cut, FoodSoFreshTM will keep your produce fresher up to 3 times longer!

Now you can save big money on your weekly grocery bill and help to stop global warming at the same time!

Here's How it Works!

The FoodSoFreshTM filter contains an amazing all natural 100% environmentally friendly mineral compound called SorbiteTM. This remarkable mineral has amazing absorption properties and controls the relative humidity in your fridge giving you truly fantastic benefits inside the fridge.

You simply replace the special mineral cartridge once every three months (or four times a year) and your fridge will maintain the perfect environment for the storage of food. By keeping the perfect temperature and humidity this will further reduce your energy running costs on even the most energy efficient fridge.

You can now save up to $500 a year on wasted food in your home. The defrost cycle on your fridge will be cut by 50% saving electricity usage and helping to cut down on greenhouse gases from your local electricity station. Your fridge of course will last longer.

Just look at these benefits you can expect to receive from FoodSoFreshTM!

  • Save up to $500 a year on your food bill by not wasting or spoiling food.
  • You will save energy running your fridge because your compressor runs less.
  • Your food stays fresher up to twice as long with the FoodSoFreshTM filter.
  • Save time and money on extra shopping, by reducing trips to the supermarket.
  • Your fridge stays colder and cleaner because you control the humidity.
  • Your food will be fresher up to 12 hours longer in the event of a power cut.
  • Heavy smells will be controlled and your fridge will smell fresher and cleaner.
  • Your fridge will last longer because it works less hard to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity level.
  • Reduce your waste by putting less in your bin each week

Now you can have a fridge that keeps your food fresh up to twice as long as an ordinary fridge

Extend the life of your food

Food so Fresh in your fridge

Reduce Humidity, Smell and Contamination

Before and After


  • ... my celery is three weeks old & is still crunchy ...
  • ... I have had mushrooms in my fridge for two weeks and they still look good ...
  • ... my lettuce is over a week old and it is still fresh ...
  • ... the yellowing/hardening of my cheese has drastically reduced (& I don't use anything other than it's original wrapper to loosely wrap it)
  • ... FoodSoFresh is great, I only shop fortnightly now and all my vegies stay fresh until my next shop ...
  • ... my fridge smells cleaner, it no longer has that food smell ...
  • ... the FoodSoFresh more than pays for itself in food savings ...
  • ... it is great knowing that my fridge has internationally recognised and effective bacteria controls in place to protect my family ...
  • ... I can buy larger portions of fruits such as watermelons and know they aren't going to spoil before we have a chance to eat them ...
  • ... my berries are lasting more than twice as long ...


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FoodSoFreshTM keeps your food naturally fresher for longer by absorbing moisture, odours and bacteria in your fridge!