Humitech, Humidity and Bacteria Control Systems Keep food fresher for longer!

The Background

Efficient refrigeration is vital to all sectors of the meat, food, and produce industry at all stages of the process: from the works or harvesting, to storage, to preparation, to the final sale. Thousands of businesses throughout New Zealand rely upon refrigeration equipment to store their food stuffs: restaurants, cafes, hotels, cafeterias, butchers, florists, supermarkets, rest-homes, hospitals and more.

In theory, refrigeration is the transfer of heat from WARM to COLD. The faster we can transfer the heat to achieve optimal refrigerated conditions and the longer we can maintain optimal conditions ... ... the better for the quality of products and maintenance of the refrigeration equipment.

But, even though refrigeration equipment can be preset for optimal temperature and humidity ranges, usually the refrigeration unit battles 24/7 in an attempt to achieve these preset conditions. Many unavoidable day-to-day factors such as: the storage of varying amounts and different types of product, people entering in and out, the opening and closing of chiller doors, hot and humid kitchen environments, wear and tear, and defrost cycles, all alter the chiller environment creating damaging fluctuations in temperature and humidity. These fluctuations cause unnecessary food spoilage and wastage, extra people time and costs for sorting and trimming spoiled products, high energy consumption resulting in higher operating costs, and overworked chillers, costing the food service industry huge amounts of time and money every year.

HUMITECH's refrigeration filters provide a NATURAL SOLUTION - Guaranteed!

The Humitech Guarantee

100% Natural, No Moving Parts, No Electricity

Providing you and your customers with better, fresher products
... ... reducing your costs - increasing your profits