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The HUMITECH Franchise - A Natural Opportunity

A HUMITECH Franchise provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the freedom that you deserve by building a business with repeat monthly income. Exclusive territory, huge market, and opportunities galore!!!

Very rarely does a unique opportunity come along to own a business which addresses such a broad market need with a totally effective solution. Even rarer is the ability of that business to build you a lifetime of semi-residual income with a concept so helpful that your customers will continue to welcome you through their door month after month. The HUMITECH business model offers a fantastic repeat business opportunity providing Franchisees with a semi-residual monthly income which grows month by month.

The return on your investment has no equal in any other business. As a HUMITECH consultant, you simply provide the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM that is already out there ... ... "there is no business as valuable as a solutions-based business".

Some of the highlights of the HUMITECH Franchise Program are as follows:

  • A unique environmental product with limited competition
  • Huge and vast target market ... almost every business with commercial refrigeration is a potential customer
  • Proven business model providing repeat business and monthly revenue
  • Fantastic return on investment ... low initial investment ... growing goodwill asset as you build the business
  • Low overhead business - limited expenses
  • No technical experience required ... ... comprehensive training and ongoing support provided
  • Fantastic client endorsements
  • Exclusive territories (some territories already have clients in place)


Efficient refrigeration is vital to all sectors of the meat, produce, and food industry at all stages of the process: from the works or harvesting, to storage, to distribution, to preparation, to the final sale. Thousands of businesses throughout New Zealand rely upon refrigeration equipment to store their meat, produce, and food stuffs:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Butchers
  • Caterers
  • Rest-Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Forists
  • Wholesalers/Distributors
  • Plus many more!

But, even though refrigeration equipment can be preset for optimal temperature and humidity ranges, the refrigeration unit usually battles 24/7 in an attempt to achieve these preset conditions.

Many unavoidable day-to-day factors such as: the storage of varying amounts and different types of product, people entering in and out, the opening and closing of chiller doors, inefficient refrigeration units, wear and tear, and defrost cycles all alter the chiller environment creating damaging fluctuations in temperature and humidity. These fluctuations cause unnecessary food spoilage and wastage, deterioration of food quality (affecting flavour and appearance), extra people time and costs for sorting and trimming spoiled products, and high power consumption and maintenance/service costs from overworked chillers ... ... costing the food service industry huge amounts of time and money every year.


HUMITECH refrigeration filters provide a NATURAL SOLUTION - Guaranteed!

The Humitech refrigeration filters are a 100% natural, unique mineral-based filter system that can be easily installed in all types of old or new chiller or refrigeration units. These unique filters create a highly effective refrigeration filter system which controls humidity and absorbs food and produce gases and maintains the refrigeration unit in a colder, drier, cleaner more efficient mode.

To the user, this translates into improved profits by significantly reducing operating costs, food and produce wastage, staff cleaning and preparation time, while at the same time, retaining flavour and appearance, and increasing shelf life of the stored products.

By controlling and maintaining the humidity in refrigeration units, HUMITECH refrigeration filters GUARANTEE savings and benefits to users in the following key areas:

REDUCTIONS in unnecessary food or produce wastage by up to 50%
IMPROVEMENTS to food tastes and appearances
IMPROVEMENTS to temperature management, by lowering temperatures and reducing temperature fluctuations
SAVINGS on chiller servicing and maintenance, and power consumption expenses
SAVINGS in employees time on cleaning, food preparation etc

We are so confident with our product, that we offer a free trial to any potential client to show them 1st hand the benefits, cost savings and improved profits that can be achieved for any business, and we GUARANTEE it!


Existing Franchisees have originated from a wide variety of backgrounds: from sales, to engineering, to farming. HUMITECH are looking for further practical, sales/relationship orientated people to join with them and grow the HUMITECH business. No experience with refrigeration equipment or the food service industry is necessary, just the drive and passion to take advantage of an outstanding 'natural' opportunity to build an incredible business asset.

Each new HUMITECH Franchisee receives full comprehensive training both in-house and on-site, a supply of our unique refrigeration fitlers, and a proven, systemised sales process which enables a HUMITECH Franchisee to create income from an early stage. Franchisees achieve an ongoing monthly cashflow generated from the monthly servicing and recycling of the installed filter systems, a simple process that ensures Franchisees maintain contact with their clients and still have plenty of time to continue to grow their business.

Every new customer adds to their growing monthly cashflow which will serve to provide a semi-passive monthly income in the years to come, a small to medium sized chiller generates an additional revenue of around $1,200 per year, with a larger customer generating an annual revenue of around $20,000.


North Island Territories

  • Northland
  • Hawkes Bay/Gisborne
  • Hutt Valley/Kapiti Coast/Masterton

South Island Territories

  • Nelson, Marlborough & West Coast
  • Canterbury South


'Every place I've been to with a chiller admits there are difficulties ... ... Take the pub. I didn't know that serving draught beer becomes a problem if the temperature of the liquid rises above two degrees, but it does. You, get warm spoiled beer and a lot of costly wastage. Humitech can help prevent that - publicans love the idea ... ... My job is to point these problems out to chiller owners then provide them with a quick and simple solution that will actually save them money. The business is a natural success ... ... Overloaded chillers and freezers cost the food service industry thousands of dollars every year.'

Ferg Nicolson, Humitech Otago/Southland Limited.


Naturally, the next step is to contact us for further information regarding this unique franchise opportunity.

So ... ... what are you waiting for!!!

Give us a call today to receive your HUMITECH Information Pack. We look forward to hearing from you!

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