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Product Validation

The HUMITECH System is a "Food Safe" fitting, regulated by the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment. HUMITECH Filters have been assessed as suitable for use in export registered establishments by the AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service).

Australia and New Zealand Food Standards

...The results of the gas absorption tests indicate that Sorbite panels absorb both ethylene gas and acetic acid. The tests results show that airborne acetic acid is absorbed rapidly and completely (approximately 20 minutes for up to 99% absorption). In contrast, ethylene gas is absorbed at a slower rate ... Up to a 79% reduction in ethylene gas concentrations was measured after 24 hours....

Vizon SciTec Inc; Environment, Health and Safety Division

The mineral is able to absorb and desorb a maximum of 48% of its weight in water. The favourable results of these experiments indicate that this mineral will reduce the energy and maintenance costs of operating the refrigerator units by controlling the humidity."

Rockwell International Science Centre

"Meets and exceeds all criteria. It is durable and functions as advertised. It is easily removable and cleanable. It is non-corroding and non-toxic. This system is acceptable to our office."

The Department of Health & Human Services

"In view of the fact that Humitech panels exude no fumes and are light weight we have no recourse but to state the Humitech panel poses no safety or health hazards, and this opinion reflected by OSHA Officials. We are impressed with the high quality and potential of this unit improving our way of life and wish you well."


"The Humitech Humidity Control System equipment may be used in Federally inspected meat and poultry plants. It creates no adverse conditions or safety hazards."

The United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety & Inspection Service
The Humitech Guarantee

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